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Hawaiian Conference of United Church of Christ

Who we are:

· A “covenanting” Church. Members are free to believe and act in accordance with their perception of God’s will for their lives. They are then able to gather with other members as equals in caring and supportive relationships. In the same way, churches gather with other churches to work together to carry out God’s mission in the world. By joining together in covenant, churches are able to do mission they could not do alone.

· A United and Uniting Church. Unity of the church is a gift from God and the expressions of that unity are as diverse as each member and individual church. We agree on the essentials of our Christian faith and life, and in all the rest, we encourage love, understanding and charity. In this way we are able to be both United and Uniting.

· A Congregational Church. The central focus of the UCC is the autonomous congregation. Each church chooses its own lay leaders and pastor, organizes worship, and manages its own affairs with the help and consultation of the large church bodies. This “congregational autonomy” is an important part of our governance.

· An Evangelical Church. The primary task of the church is to transform and empower lives for Christ by sharing the love of Christ in service to humankind. We have a proud history of working for justice and peace in the world.