By Grace Created, By Love Sustained
50 Years in God’s Service

The party lasted one year; what a wonderful way to honor all that God has done for us…and all of the personalities God provided to fashion the 50 year legacy of Kailua Christian Church (United Church of Christ).  The church as it exists today is the result of the compassion of two women extending the hand of God to another in distress; the result of others witnessing the grace of God and the result of the support from a larger Church community.  The story of Kailua Christian Church is now known and fully chronicled in the booklet “Memories,” completed in time for the final weekend of celebration – January 31 and February 1, 2009 – and what a celebration it was!

Culminating a year of acknowledging KCC’s 50th year was an anniversary luncheon held at the Manoa Grand Ballroom on Saturday, January 31 and a celebratory worship service on Sunday, February 1, 2009.  Both events allowed time for remembering, reconnecting and recommitting to God.  Guest pastors in attendance included Reverend Paul Nagano and Revererend Roy Ishihara who traveled from California and Kona, respectively.  Reverend Nagano responded to the requests of Makiki Christian Church parishoner Gladys Kiyota in support of the fledging Kailua Mission Church.  Reverend Roy Ishihara was KCC’s first fulltime pastor.  Both in their 80’s, the pastors shared in the luncheon and worship programs.  Twenty five living charter members and two of their spouses were also honored, with recognition given to 23 others who have passed away.  Former pastors in attendance included Reverend Howard Yoshida, Dr. Paul Brennan, Reverend Dale Vallejo-Sanderson, Reverend Ronald Ching, and Reverend Alan Maeno.  Also in attendance was Reverend Dr. Charles Buck representing the Hawaii Conference United Church of Christ.  Greetings were also extended from The Reverend John Thomas of the United Church of Christ.  Recognition was also given during the worship service to Hideo Kobayashi the architect who designed the church. Returning to celebrate were numerous grown children of the charter members of whom fond memories and stories were recalled.  What a joy it was to witness the reunion of and the recognition given to the treasures of Kailua Christian Church. 

Other events commemorating the 50th anniversary were the Kick-Off Chicken Hekka dinner held on February 2, 2008 at the church; the designation of every second Sunday of each month preceding the anniversary weekend as times to bring to the Congregation’s attention to events and individuals significant to KCC; the wearing of anniversary t-shirts; a proclamation honoring KCC by Mayor Mufi Hanneman, the dedication of commemorataive hymnals purchased by KCC members and friends honoring the anniversary and various individuals within the church’s family; the compilation and sale of “Food, Faith, Fellowship,”  a cookbook;  and the production of a KCC video and memory booklet shown and distributed at the anniversary luncheon.

Many hearts and many hands contributed to the success of the many events and projects.

Much appreciation is extended to all who shared their time, their resources, their energy and love.  (Specific details of the events and projects are chronicled in a 50th Anniversary folder to be “filed” in the Church library).



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